Low Float Stocks

LowFloat.com provides a convenient sorted database of stocks which have a float of under 10 million shares. Additional key data such as the number of outstanding shares, short interest, and company industry is displayed. Data is presented for the Nasdaq Stock Market, the New York Stock Exchange, the American Stock Exchange, and the Over the Counter Bulletin Board. You can view the data for all exchanges together or only view exchanges of interest by clicking on the appropriate tab.

Low float stocks are often very volatile and are well known for making explosive upside moves. Stock traders will often flock to such stocks for no reason other than the fact that they have a low float and the price can potentially move up very quickly.

Disclaimer: We have made our best effort to provide accurate data, but always do your own research and double check the information presented here before making an investment.

Todays Hot Penny Stocks

AllAll (with OTCBB)NasdaqNYSEAMEXOTCBBHigh Short Interest Stocks
DIT Amcon Distributing Co AMEX 260K 684K 0.36% Retail (Grocery)
SEB Seaboard Corp AMEX 261K 1.17M 1.65% Fish/Livestock
HMG HMG Courtland Properties AMEX 286K 1.01M 0.66% Real Estate Operations
CUO Continental Materials Corp AMEX 501K 1.70M 0.08% Misc. Capital Goods
CVR Chicago Rivet & Machine Co AMEX 726K 966K 0.47% Misc. Fabricated Products
AAMC Altisource Asset Management Co AMEX 744K 1.61M 5.43% Investment Services
FTNW FTE Networks Inc AMEX 782K 6.35M 3.34% Construction Services
BDL Flanigan's Enterprises Inc AMEX 843K 1.86M 0.25% Restaurants
DXR Daxor Corp AMEX 847K 3.79M 0.25% Healthcare Facilities
AINC Ashford Inc AMEX 896K 2.02M 0.61% Investment Services
AWX Avalon Holdings Corp AMEX 963K 3.19M 0.17% Trucking
ACY AeroCentury Corp AMEX 1.05M 1.42M 0.60% Rental & Leasing
MXC Mexco Energy Corp AMEX 1.05M 2.04M 2.92% Oil & Gas Operations
PW Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railroad AMEX 1.23M 1.83M 0.07% Real Estate Operations
ISDR Issuer Direct Corp AMEX 1.29M 3.06M 0.25% Business Services
TIK Tel-Instrument Electronics AMEX 1.32M 3.26M 5.42% Aerospace and Defense
MHH Mastech Holdings Inc AMEX 1.39M 5.46M 0.27% Computer Services
ESP Espey Manufacturing & Electronics Corp AMEX 1.46M 2.37M 1.19% Electronic Instruments & Controls
CKX CKX Lands Inc AMEX 1.48M 1.94M 0.06% Oil & Gas Operations
NTN NTN Buzztime Inc AMEX 1.65M 2.52M 1.10% Broadcasting & Cable TV
NEN New England Realty Associates AMEX 1.73M 2.99M 0.01% Real Estate Operations
MICR Micron Solutions Inc AMEX 1.75M 2.85M 1.22% Medical Equipment & Supplies
SGB Southwest Georgia Financial Corp AMEX 1.91M 2.54M 0.13% Regional Banks
UUU Universal Security Instruments Inc AMEX 2.07M 2.31M 0.62% Security Systems & Services
AE Adams Resources & Energy Inc AMEX 2.21M 4.22M 0.77% Oil & Gas Operations
GBR New Concept Energy Inc AMEX 2.24M 2.04M N/A Healthcare Facilities
SAL Salisbury Bancorp Inc AMEX 2.26M 2.79M 0.02% Regional Banks
IHT InnSuites Hospitality Trust AMEX 2.31M 9.75M 0.17% Real Estate Operations
TRT Trio Tech International AMEX 2.34M 3.55M 0.19% Scientific & Technical Instruments
SIF SIFCO Industries Inc AMEX 2.46M 5.64M 0.66% Aerospace and Defense
OGEN Oragenics Inc AMEX 2.55M 6.09M 6.41% Biotechnology & Drugs
PED Pedevco Corp AMEX 2.56M 7.28M 2.86% Oil Well Services & Equipment
EEI Ecology and Environment Inc AMEX 2.59M 3.01M 0.06% Waste Management Services
BDR Blonder Tongue Laboratories AMEX 2.66M 8.21M 1.91% Communications Equipment
UG United-Guardian Inc AMEX 2.83M 4.59M 0.03% Biotechnology & Drugs
ACU Acme United Corp AMEX 2.99M 3.37M 0.98% Office Supplies
LGL LGL Group Inc AMEX 3.37M 4.70M 0.09% Chemical Manufacturing
NVR NVR Inc AMEX 3.39M 3.62M 2.35% Construction Services
ELLO Ellomay Capital Ltd AMEX 3.39M 10.69M 0.00% Misc. Financial Services
UNB Union Bankshares Inc/VT AMEX 3.47M 4.47M 4.09% Regional Banks
CEI Camber Energy Inc AMEX 3.50M 3.73M 14.46% Oil & Gas - Integrated
AMS American Shared Hospital Services AMEX 3.54M 5.71M 0.60% Healthcare Facilities
EVI EnviroStar Inc AMEX 3.55M 11.15M 15.48% Misc. Capital Goods
BRN Barnwell Industries Inc AMEX 4.05M 8.28M 0.11% Oil & Gas Operations
RCG Renn Fund Inc AMEX 4.10M 4.46M 0.17% Misc. Financial Services
BGI Birks Group Inc AMEX 4.16M 10.24M 0.83% Retail (Specialty Non-Apparel)
MOC Command Security Corp AMEX 4.19M 10.11M 1.41% Security Systems & Services
EVK Ever-Glory International Group Inc AMEX 4.22M 14.80M 0.24% Business Services
AEY ADDvantage Technologies Group Inc AMEX 4.32M 10.23M 0.11% Communications Equipment
SSY SunLink Health Systems Inc AMEX 4.88M 7.42M 0.02% Healthcare Facilities
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Database last updated on May 13, 2018